Ranking Methodology


Whisky, with its long history and rich cultural tradition, is highly favored by consumers. The evaluation of the quality and characteristics of different whisky brands has become an essential reference for many sommeliers, industry experts, and liquor enthusiasts. In order to objectively and systematically assess the differences between various whisky brands, WhiskyGold has introduced the Top 20 Whisky Brands list. For the sake of professionalism and accuracy, the list evaluation relies on a comprehensive methodology for scoring whisky brands. 


The methodology primarily considers five major indicators, including:

1. Brand Quality and Craftsmanship

Quality and craftsmanship are the core elements in evaluating whisky brands. This encompasses the selection of raw materials, such as malt and water sources, as well as maturation time and brewing processes. The indicators also take into account the stability of quality, measuring the brand's ability to control quality.

2. Brand Age and History

Brand age and history are crucial components in measuring brand reputation. They reflect the uniqueness of the brand's origin, tradition, and values, providing a basis for the development of the brand's product characteristics.

3. Brand Product Portfolio

Whisky brands typically offer various expressions, including single malt, blended whisky, and special editions. Evaluating the diversity of a brand's product portfolio helps assess its product strategy.

4. Brand Pricing and Market Positioning

Brand pricing strategy, marketing promotion, and market reputation contribute to evaluating the brand's market position. It is a crucial indicator for measuring brand strength.

5. Brand Sustainability

Continuous innovation and sustainability are key factors in assessing the future prospects of whisky brands. This includes product innovation, marketing strategies, sustainable development policies, and capabilities.


To compile the Top 20 Whisky Brands list, the WhiskyGold expert team conducted research, tastings, and scoring of the product portfolios of over 200 whisky brands currently in the market. During the scoring process, each of the five indicators carries equal weight. The higher the overall average score, the higher the ranking, ultimately forming the WhiskyGold Top 20 Whisky Brands list.